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Potassium Canrenoate
Dehydroepiandrosterone Acetate
Algestone Acetophenide

National Hi-Tech Company accreditation
China GMP Certification
US FDA Approval
EDQM CEP Certification
EU GMP Certification
PSCI EHS Certification
ISO 14001 Certification
OHSAS 18001 Certification
Class AA Customs Accreditation

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We have obtained EDQM CEP certificates, EU GMP certificates and China GMP certificates for our main products and passed US FDA inspection as well. All the products are developed by out own and dont infringe the others patents.

Products CAS Ʒ ׼ | Specification
Progesterone 57-83-0 ͪ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP, IP
Spironolactone 19000 USP, EP, BP, JP, CP, IP
Pregnenolone 145-13-1 ϩͪ Factory Standard
Canrenone 976-71-6 ͪ Factory Standard
Potassium Canrenoate 102731 JP, Factory Standard
Eplerenone 107724-20-9? ͪ EP, BP, JP,
16alpha-Hydroxyprednisolone 13951-70-7 16alpha-ǻ Factory Standard
Methylprednisolone 83-43-2 ׻ USP, EP, BP, JP, IP
Methylprednisolone Acetate 53-36-1 ׻ USP, EP, BP, IP?
Algestone Acetophenide 24356-94-3 ͪ Factory Standard
Megestrol Acetate 595-33-5 ׵ͪ USP, EP, BP, CP, IP
Cronolone 2529-45-5 ͪ Factory Standard
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate 71-58-9 ͪ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP
Melengestrol Acetate 2919-66-6 ͪ USP
Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate 630-56-8 ͪ Factory Standard
19-Norethindrone Acetate 51-98-9 Ȳŵͪ Factory Standard
Altrenogest 850-52-2 ϩͪ Factory Standard
Levonorgestrel 797-63-7 Ȳŵͪ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP, IP
Norethisterone Enanthate 3836-23-5 Ȳŵͪ Factory Standard
Tibolone 5630-53-5 EP, BP,
Trenbolone 10161-33-8 Ⱥ Factory Standard
Trenbolone Acetate 10161-34-9 Ⱥ USP
Dehydroepiandrosterone Acetate 853-23-6 ȥͪ Factory Standard
Dehydroepiandrosterone 53-43-0 ȥͪDHEA Factory Standard
Epiandrosterone 481-29-8 ͪ Factory Standard
Testosterone 58-22-0 غ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP
Testosterone Propionate 57-85-2 غ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP, IP
Testosterone Undecanoate 5949-44-0 ʮһغ CP
17-Methyltestosterone 58-18-4 ׻غ EP, CP
Estrone 53-16-7 Ʒͪ USP, EP, BP,
Estradiol 50-28-2 ƶ USP, EP, BP, CP
Estradiol Valerate 979-32-8 ƶ USP, EP, BP, CP
Estradiol Benzoate 50-50-0 ƶ USP, EP, BP, JP, CP
Estriol 50-27-1 USP, EP, BP, JP
Abiraterone 154229-19-3 Factory Standard
Abiraterone Acetate 154229-18-2 USP
Dydrogesterone*(Under Development) 152-62-5* ͪ* USP, EP, BP, JP, CP, IP


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